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Mobile Website Design

Did you know that in the world today there are more than 2.5 billion mobile phone users, and a thousand more are added every minute! About 30% of these mobile phone owners (more than 700 million and growing) are browsing the Internet through their mobile phones. This is the reason why mobile Web browsing is predicted to become the next predominant Internet platform.
mobile website design
"Website Optimization Canada put us on the internet map. Unbeatable creativity goes into thier work. It is not just about a product, they take pride in the work. Our mobile sites are performing great as we realize more than 35% of our new business from there. Thanks so much for suggesting this approach to us. Good Stuff!"

Darren Strocher
Calgary Alberta
Skydive Big Sky

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Mobile Web Use

Morgan Stanley analysts have charted the most important online trends and predicted the future of the Internet. In addition to forecasting more online shopping and showing the geographical distribution of Internet users, the study also shows a dramatic shift toward mobile web use. Mobile subscribers and mobile web use are growing very rapidly.

mobile website design

A mobile website is an inexpensive add-on to your internet campaign.
With the advent of smart phones, 3G and 4G technology, mobile web use could have a significant impact on your business. There will be 5.8 billion mobile subscribers worldwide by 2013 (Portio Research). Mobile web use can represent a large area of untapped business and income when proper optimization and design is used.

A mobile website is designed to display properly on a mobile device such as iPhone, Android and Windows Phone. These web enabled devices (smart phones) use a different resolution to display the website and users can find themselves scrolling both horizontally and vertically just to find the information they're looking for on your site, which will generally lead to them finding a more 'user friendly' experience.

Website Optimization Canada can help with every aspect of mobile website design and optimization. Please feel free to contact us today and we will be happy to show you how a mobile website can help your business.

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